JoyceAmericaSpeaks: Trump won EC. How? What’s our to do list for the first 100 days? Periscope @11am

Want to understand  the Electoral College Win?   The NY Times shows only the Battleground states count.

It wasn’t about small-state bias or regionalism. It was about the nature 
of the battleground states, and there was one other key element: luck.

Now we’re facing  the day after.   Barring a “smoking gun ” linking Trump to the Russian interference in our Election, how will ” we the people” insure  that  jobs and job security remain on his agenda along with a massive infrastructure program , across our land ?

  • Who will be covering the Trump White House?
  • Congress?
  • How do we know know before a bill is passed, what’s on the agenda?
  • Do we have a road map for the first 100 days?


Are we the people forming committees to choose our own kitchen cabinets to represent us? We should be?
We should be thinking about 2018 as well. Vote, Vote and Vote!  If events have not turned around, be prepared to vote new faces into office. Get rid of the old timers and extremists we’ve got time to plan.
Never too late or too soon to plan and act for our  future.
See you at 11 am.

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