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misunderstood, I thought Nuclear Energy and  Trump wants to increase our Nuclear Arsenal. Why? Russia has added to it’s stores with  Iran’s Enriched Uranium per the Iran Nuclear Agreement.  Russia is the trusted gatekeeper of Iran’s Enriched Uranium.

Our Arsenal is old.   Do  we want to put our resources into a massive upgrade at this time when we require infrastructure for the Country?

Meanwhile, as I read ” advocate of Nuclear Power, I thought energy. Might as well consider this issue as well. Nuclear Energy can work and does have a small carbon footprint as long as we don’t recreate Chechnya or Shoreham.


My thoughts?  I’d poll every physicist on their latest assessment of 4 th generation nuclear power.  Advantage, a short half life requiring no storage facilities.

This is a good project for our Military .  Why?  Contractor built facilities have many problems .  They leak, they may not be positioned on appropriate sites?

We  have a history of doing what’s quick rather then planning anew.  We can’t afford more Corporate Mistakes and entitlements.  Think Chechnya and Shoreham?
Say no and start your Nuclear Energy  education now! I will.


More on Trump’s latest agenda.  If you have new to share, please do!  See you at 11am.

United we stand!

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