Joyce AmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am A few decent “Congressmen” & Trump’s Agenda

January 30, 2017




“What truly matters is not which party controls our government, but whether our government is controlled by the people.   January 20th 2017, will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation again. The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer.”

– [ ] Where are a few decent men and women ?
– [ ] I keep asking where are those people today. Why are Congressmen and women in Power unwilling to sacrifice their needs for the Common Good? Besides the Democratic Caucus, 5 Congressmen and women of the GOP spoke out against Trumps latest executive order banning immigration from 7 Muslim Countries, causing chaos among our citizens returning from foreign lands.
– [ ] The will of the People has been heard as protests erupted at airports and a Brooklyn judge tried to clarify the order. It is important to note, Executive Orders, do not carry the weight of Law.
– [ ] I’ll conceived executive orders will face push back from “we the People” and the Courts . Americans are watching and our President is watching. Let’s see if he can learn fast enough to avoid chaos. The World listens and watches , too!
– [ ] Push back is required against these rapid fire executive orders and the poor choices presented by the President for the incoming Cabinet Heads. He may thrive on chaos and impulsiveness but many of us function best by studying one major program !
– [ ] Equally important, the NSA , has Steve Bannon , deciding which Military or Intelligence Agencies are invited to this “forum”.   From WNYC , this morning, this intervention goes against the Constitution which requires Military Participation at all times.
– [ ] Much has happened during Trump’s first week.  It behooves us to keep our eye on what’s scheduled now.
– [ ] Two priorities were mentioned for the first 100 days : replacing Affordable Healthcare and Infrastructure jobs.
– [ ] Both programs require long hours of planning ,thought, and implementation by following processes and procedures , that can be codified into Law.
– [ ] It is time, past time, to cast aside identity politics and work together to produce the Goldilocks programs and government that we were promised.
– [ ] The rights of the many demand to be listened to. The rights of the many economically challenged got Donald Trump elected. The Art of the Deal must cease and yield to the Art of good governance. “We the People” did get 1 promise passed that was unanimously wanted, no lobbying for 5 yrs after leaving government. “. Don’t rejoice too soon, without law, there are loopholes.
– [ ] Meanwhile, “We the People ” must unite, while Congress and the President make up their minds about how to govern 360 million. We should be forming the National Centrist Party with every expert and creative artist we can encourage to join us.


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce:AmericaSpeaks@11am Periscope Prioities & the Cesspool?

January 27, 2017

Dear followers:

With information and executive orders coming ot of the White House, as if they’re shot from a cannon, resist the temptation to react!  Instead, let’s wait and see what can in fact become Law!  It’s the Congressional Law that counts and must be our focus.


Since People shape Policy, Trump’s cabinet choices should be carefully vetted and require skepticism and many disapproval as we have discussed.  Not only should we request disapproval of :  Mulvaney, Minuchin, DeVos, Price , Pruitt and Sessions,  Tillerson, though he passed The Committee with Rubio’s consent, has not yet been approved by the Senate.  Since the rules have changed, a simple Majority may carry Trump’s candidates into office.  Be vigilant and contact your Congressman, if you disapprove of any of these candidates.


More concerning then the Affordable Care Act is “Our Economy”!  The USA grew at 1.6% last year, 2016.  That’s much less then expected and should require a re-look at Trump’s priorities.  Perhaps Congress should concentrate their efforts on new Infrastructure projects.  Why not consider job growth first and simultaneously dedicate teams to replace ACA?  The American people are in dire need of economic relief, “we the People”. request that this issue become Job#1!  Why not use QE for a basic wage?/payout? as we wait for projects to materialize?



See you at 1am.

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce AmericaSpeaks Periscope@11am Why are Congressional GOP hurting “we the People” ?

January 26, 2017






Dear followers:

During these trying times, it’s difficult to remain silent.  We know many activists are pushing back against President Trump’s agenda, but where are the “moderate” GOP?
Who is pushing back in the Republican Party. Many of my friends have “buyer’s remorse” and don’t want to see our basic human rights gutted.

I’d like to see the GOP stand up and be counted for their support of “we the People ” over corporate interests.

Clearly many of Trumps nominees are inappropriate and worse have acted “above the law”.   If the GOP cares about  the little guy?  Then listen to us and do not support Jeff Sessions, Steve Manuchin, Tom Price, Scott Pruitt , Betsy DeVos, or Mulvaney. These candidates are unacceptable to “we the people ” and are capable of destroying our institutions and social safety net!

While we’re discussing unacceptable,   Please remember, America supports a free and protected press.  We want the facts brought to us by  the respected press and media.  Though we look forward to President Trump having Press Conferences, we don’t want him to be solely responsible for our news as proposed!

Therefore, I implore those in the GOP majority to care about the needs and wishes  of “we the people”, review Trump’s Executive Order’s thoroughly before creating Law!  America’s survival depends on  GOP  Congressmen and women reaching across the aisle and crafting laws  that benefit all the People .  Thank you for listening.


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”



Joyce:AmericaSpeaks:Periscope @11am PeoplePower Day 6 Push Back expected: Let’s begin 

January 25, 2017






Dear followers:

Since 2012, I’ve been thinking about a 3rd Party for 5 years, now is the time to seriously pursue this massive effort!  I’ve named our Party, The National Centrist Party, with a nod to a great Political Danish Series, entitled  “Borgen ” .

Who are we?  Our Mission:

  • The National Centrist Party. Has formed out of America Speaks We are “All inclusive”, accepting everyone .


  • As a group we shall push back against the most egregious policies and candidates for government.
  • It is our obligation to become an active registered political party. Our affiliation should be independent and aligned with one of the Parties. While we would like open primaries That has not happened yet, we have to belong somewhere?  I’m asking you for suggestions. ?

I wrote our agenda in 2015 & 2016 and it’s still relevant. Our next step is recognition of our new Party. Recruitment of luminaries to represent us. Promotion of bills to put before Congress and new candidates at the local, State and Federal level. Referendums to change local and state law when necessary. We will partner with other groups to be effective.
If you are interested in joining , send me your email addresses.


Thank you. Push back and the realization of consensus legislation is our mission . Our tactics include civil discussion of the issues confronting us and the crafting of Bills and referendums for government approval.


See you at 11am.  Let’s chat!
Wishing everyone a great day!
“The heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce:AmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am Day 4 # People Power

January 23, 2017



Donald Trump is the 45 th President of these United States. It behooves us, we the People , to be cool and level headed in the face of conflict. He thrives on conflict. We also must tune out every utterance, if not, we’ll be offended all the time.

It’s true, much has happened during his campaign to give us doubts about his legitimacy. Baring real evidence to the contrary let’s focus on the facts. He has assumed office on his own terms without compliance to the Constitution. If Congress, gives him a pass, they are colluding with him to trample our Constitution. At that point he is illegitimate. “We the People” are the victims of our President’s non compliance with the Emollient Clause.

Those in Congress who approve Trump’s cabinet choices, though many , like Jeff Sessions, Rex Tillerson , Price (HHS), Betsy DeVos, Pruitt ,  and Steve Manuchin (Treasury ) are not acceptable to “we the people”, should be voted out of office.

Those in Congress who vote to destroy the rights of “we the People” should be voted out of office.

Strengthening States rights will not preserve our Healthcare or other institutions. Millions will suffer since we know from past experience the States are capricious and wanton with their money. All people are not treated equally. All States do not allocate money to help the needy.

Be wary and watch . Resist when our rights are threatened. Resist when the President and Congress fail to produce our promised infrastructure program which will lift millions out of poverty.

We protest by voting. We protest for worthy causes that strip us of our rights.
Do not waste your anger on what ifs. Rather plan for good legislation to bring fairness and opportunity to our land. Now is the time to organize and strengthen our voting laws.
There is much work to be done. Identity politics must vanish in order to serve most of the people all the time.


Joyce:AmericaSpeaks! why I made my Peace with Donald Trump ! 

January 19, 2017

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Dear Followers:

I can no longer think of the what if’s. Either Trump will conform to the laws of our land or he’ll be impeached. The decision is his.
Either he will want to help 360 million folks , quell the hatred and provide jobs as promised , or he’ll suffer the consequences of civil unrest. The choice is his.

His cabinet appointees are interesting : As CEO’s they have actively fought the organization they are now supposed to head. What will be the outcome? If they are flexible, they can make sensible regulation and move forward. The choice is theirs. Dismantling our institutions isn’t happening.

What’s next? Wait & See!

Together we can forge a better Union. Calm down and let the process work! That’s my advice.

For 30 yrs we’ve dismantled the American Middle Class. Trump ran on a platform to resurrect jobs. Let’s hope that  happens as soon as possible. It’s what everyone wants . Good jobs at a fair wage, respect and dignity.

As we inaugurate Donald Trump let’s not forget to cry out with a full throttled voice that we want Peace and jobs, Affordable Quality Healthcare for all and a better public school education . We want to produce the next Einsteins, Colson Whitehead’s and Picasso’s. .

America is #1. We can always do better.
Onward Together !


” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class” 

The Voice of Joyce: No Periscope today as I ponder my wish list for the marginalized Middle Class 

January 18, 2017




Dear followers:

No periscope today. As I ponder the “onslaught” of events, my mind wonders to my wish list for “we the People”!

I know our Democracy will stand,  if our Institutions are strong.”  Ensuring their stability, may require ” push back ” from us!

  • That’s why “We the People” must have a seat at the Federal table or we’ll surely continue to be on the menu!  We have choices to make!
  • We the People need an honest dedicated Press to keep us informed.   Only truth is acceptable. We need to know who are the new power brokers?   What’s happening before they vote?
  • We may require a congressional reporter ,  working for Public Radio perhaps?  Someone  present in Congress reporting on upcoming legislation . Developing an intimate relationship with all the players may now  be a necessity, if “we the People” are to be privy to the truth!

Luckily, Congress works slowly, policy is different from deal making, it takes time to craft a bill. Wait and see! Our new by line. “Wait and See!”


  • We the People must also be ready to replace old tired regressive political faces with new folks representing “we the people”,  not Corporate Power.
  • We have one- two years to choose candidates for local, State and Federal government replacement.
  • To shape policy we must be able to make policy.  We should elect ” decent people ” with a passion to serve the needs of “we the People”, dedicated to change we can live with in Healthcare, Education , Infrastructure  and Immigration reform.
  • Activism requires commitment.   I know of no greater cause then the preservation of our Democratic way of life. Remember Kennedy’s words; “Ask not what the Country can do for you? Ask what you can do for your Country!”

Our Country needs us. Preserving our liberty , our freedom of speech and our freedom of the press is a full time job. Many have abdicated their responsibility. “We the People” , the poor and the marginalized Middle Class must ” fight” to resurrect our old way of life.   Our happiness and the prosperity of our children and our children’s children demands that we actively defend our Democratic way of life ! To defend our Democracy, to insure that we really get those well paying promised jobs ,  cost effective quality Healthcare, the best education, we must support each other to become part of the power structure running our Country. We can not rely of the kindness of strangers alone.

We the People must commit to helping each other by sharing knowledge and actively pursuing Power for ourselves. Knowledge is power and United we stand!  Pithy statements to be sure and powerful concepts to believe in!

The inauguration  of our 45th President, Donald Trump takes place on  Friday.   If you think you’re still in a dream state, I urge you to “Wake up and participate in our future”

Wishing everyone a great day.
” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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