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Joyce” AmericaSpeaks “What’s really news? New Year’s Resolution 2017. Health Care, etc
Today I tried to Tweet a story on Republicans in Congress gutting the Ethics Laws. I thought it was coming to a vote today. I applauded Trump for saying, hey guys we have bigger fish to fry, then gutting the ethics laws. Then I read The Guardian’s article, stating the Laws had secretly been gutted over the weekend by the Republican majority. My question, what’s true? How can I or anyone report the news without verifying the information?   How long does it take to vet information!  We need reporters stationed in Congress giving us verifiable real time.  We now know the Ethics Law review has been , not tabled, but set aside for August!

Secret lawmaking is definitely not Democratic. Hacking our election is not Democratic. Disenfranchising voters is not Democratic. America I barely know you!?
What’s our next steps?

  • Form our own Moderate political party. On a friend’s advise I’m renting Borgen from Netflix. A Danish Community decides to create an Independent Party Called the Moderatos? Sound familiar.
  • We do need a newspaper , donors, media crew, etc.
  • We also need to make and track healthcare policy.

My to do list. As I sit at Apple helping my Grandson get an iPad replacement. It’s the least I can do , since he’s in the Army, serving our Nation.  What’s on your list?
See you tomorrow at 11 am.

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