The voice of Joyce: knowing and doing what’s right for America 



Animal spirits vs ethics. It’s tough to do the next right thing. But it’s your job as a Congressman to do right for the Country.

Do not forget, you are elected. 2017 is a pivotal moment in American history. We the people, now see the corruption, the custom laws and their effects on our lives and we’re going to be vigilantly protecting our rights and freedoms.

the people want “just right Federal Government”  for the following:

Universal Healthcare, structured like Medicare and Social Security , could work efficiently and be less costly for consumers.  Don’t repeal our Healthcare, until an adequate replacement is available.  Don’t make millions,  who are vulnerable,  suffer!


One Federal policy on Corporate Taxation would take the competition away from States and make competing for Corporate jobs unnecessary.  Keep jobs and add more, not through fear but by Federal Law.


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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