Joyce:America Speaks Periscope @11am Corporate Power vs People Power


Dear followers:


No need to ask ?  We  may have passed from Democracy to Authoritarianism without a whimper. 

This was the second time , while I’ve counted , that elections no longer mattered. We have passed the torch from “we the People” , to government customized for the few.
There is no opposition in many States. No one runs against the incumbent and wins. Dynasties are preserved. The old image of thugs in brown shirts has been replaced by savvy men in suits who practice corruption and cronyism daily as they dismantle our system of checks and balances.

What happened to functioning political parties grooming new leaders to  replace the old? We have lost our rights by adhering to Party Propaganda that pits us against them or others just like us. Yet the real us vs them , is composed of 360 million against the corporate elites that now control our destiny. The swamp has been drained, it now resides and functions as the Trump cabinet. They will cut out the Middle man, those Congressmen and women who do not walk in lock step with them. They might even cut out the Lobbyists as Corporations and Banks control our government directly , making policy that benefits themselves.

Wait/See I’ve been told. We’ll have to , won’t we. 
That’s why it’s important to monetize “the Voice of Joyce” now. I want to give everyone a voice, link all the activists around our Country and report on what’s happening in your State and Congress when it’s happening. No secret meetings. Transparency.
” the voice of Joyce” will require $5 Million for salaries and our publication. As a trusted news site, let my team curate the news for you. Give you the facts.  Send what you can to “The Voice of Joyce”, 150 Columbus Avenue 12B, NYC 10023..


Thanks for  your support!   ” The Voice of Joyce”. It’s your voice , too!
Time to organize and be empowered! America is great! So are “we the People”.


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

See you at 11am.  Looking forward to our chat!

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