Joyce: AmericaSpeaks Periscope@11am Corp Power vs People Power

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Let’s continue our conversation this morning on Corporate Power vs “we the People”.  Donald Trump is not going to have a honeymoon, as activists gear up to either thwart his every move or insist upon “infrastructure” jobs now!

Many who never thought about running for government are starting to participate and learn about running for local government.  Liberal causes are  deluged with funding.  The base, those who supported Trump, have the most to lose if the Affordable Care Act is repealed and not replaced.   This President is expected to “hit” the ground running!

Our only hope, his team will be creative enough to invest in projects that will employ most folks at decent wages.  Macy’s and Sear’s are laying off 10’s of 1000’s.  More people will be entering the workforce, building airports, while nice, does not answer the needs of our Country.  We need a sweeping “Robert Moses” type vision.  Let’s power up our Cities and our Nation.  Wait/See!  We’ll know soon enough, what’s possible.  We’ll also know who to blame.  Never has politics been so transparent!

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