Joyce:America Speaks Periscope@11am Focus on “We the People’s” needs! Remembering Martin Luther King!





Learn to live with ” Trumpettes” ( constant barrage of Tweets) and stick to the facts that are important to moving our Country forward.
Focus!!! Concentrate and know what’s important to you!
We the people, require that Trump and his nominees comply with our ethics committee requirements by providing their tax returns. They work for us. We the people want to know all about Trump and his appointees. They all must comply with precedent and the Constitution or prepare to be “fired” (impeached) or deemed unsuitable for office!

I’ve provided my focus list:

  • Will they protect us from dirty air and water?
  • Will they protect our economy from the monetary (Banking) frauds of 2008?
  • Will they protect the rights of all the people residing and working in America?
  • Will they structure a education system better and more accessible to all of us? We the people need public education, community centers , libraries and meal plans for poor and homeless kids.
  • Will we have a healthcare system that continues to address the needs of 20-30 million at low cost? Howard Dean’s vision of a single payer system remains, in my mind, as the best and easiest to implement. We the people can’t afford medical savings accounts or tax credits. Most folks receiving Affordable Healthcare are on Medicaid!
  • Finally, will we see the beginnings of a grand vision for American infrastructure that employs all people at all levels of income that lifts us out of poverty and despair?
    Not too much to focus on.
  • Remember , if Trump can’t provide these simple goals. Fire him and those in Congress who supported him.
    People Power is real power.  

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

See you at 11am.  Let’s chat!

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