The Voice of Joyce : who’s UnAmerican? 




America has  many voices  ,  many groups and no central voice. Too many capable men and women walk alone, without political support and  without a strong central message. There should be one. The opposite to the “alt right” and  an “authoritarian” government should be a strong right of center voice with 3 important issues and concerns.

  • Valuing loyalty, family, decency , respect for people who make it the hard way through their skills.   We should protect every group:  an attack on one group should be viewed as an attack on all!  “United we Stand!”
  • Espouse good education
  • Healthcare
  • Work at fair wages for everyone.
    What else is there?

We care about life and living. We care about quality of life.
The simple things. “Life,  liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”
We will work hard to achieve that! That’s the American reality.
Anyone who takes it away from us is unAmerican.


Politics effects US!

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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