The Voice of Joyce: No Periscope today as I ponder my wish list for the marginalized Middle Class 




Dear followers:

No periscope today. As I ponder the “onslaught” of events, my mind wonders to my wish list for “we the People”!

I know our Democracy will stand,  if our Institutions are strong.”  Ensuring their stability, may require ” push back ” from us!

  • That’s why “We the People” must have a seat at the Federal table or we’ll surely continue to be on the menu!  We have choices to make!
  • We the People need an honest dedicated Press to keep us informed.   Only truth is acceptable. We need to know who are the new power brokers?   What’s happening before they vote?
  • We may require a congressional reporter ,  working for Public Radio perhaps?  Someone  present in Congress reporting on upcoming legislation . Developing an intimate relationship with all the players may now  be a necessity, if “we the People” are to be privy to the truth!

Luckily, Congress works slowly, policy is different from deal making, it takes time to craft a bill. Wait and see! Our new by line. “Wait and See!”


  • We the People must also be ready to replace old tired regressive political faces with new folks representing “we the people”,  not Corporate Power.
  • We have one- two years to choose candidates for local, State and Federal government replacement.
  • To shape policy we must be able to make policy.  We should elect ” decent people ” with a passion to serve the needs of “we the People”, dedicated to change we can live with in Healthcare, Education , Infrastructure  and Immigration reform.
  • Activism requires commitment.   I know of no greater cause then the preservation of our Democratic way of life. Remember Kennedy’s words; “Ask not what the Country can do for you? Ask what you can do for your Country!”

Our Country needs us. Preserving our liberty , our freedom of speech and our freedom of the press is a full time job. Many have abdicated their responsibility. “We the People” , the poor and the marginalized Middle Class must ” fight” to resurrect our old way of life.   Our happiness and the prosperity of our children and our children’s children demands that we actively defend our Democratic way of life ! To defend our Democracy, to insure that we really get those well paying promised jobs ,  cost effective quality Healthcare, the best education, we must support each other to become part of the power structure running our Country. We can not rely of the kindness of strangers alone.

We the People must commit to helping each other by sharing knowledge and actively pursuing Power for ourselves. Knowledge is power and United we stand!  Pithy statements to be sure and powerful concepts to believe in!

The inauguration  of our 45th President, Donald Trump takes place on  Friday.   If you think you’re still in a dream state, I urge you to “Wake up and participate in our future”

Wishing everyone a great day.
” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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