Joyce:AmericaSpeaks! why I made my Peace with Donald Trump ! 

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Dear Followers:

I can no longer think of the what if’s. Either Trump will conform to the laws of our land or he’ll be impeached. The decision is his.
Either he will want to help 360 million folks , quell the hatred and provide jobs as promised , or he’ll suffer the consequences of civil unrest. The choice is his.

His cabinet appointees are interesting : As CEO’s they have actively fought the organization they are now supposed to head. What will be the outcome? If they are flexible, they can make sensible regulation and move forward. The choice is theirs. Dismantling our institutions isn’t happening.

What’s next? Wait & See!

Together we can forge a better Union. Calm down and let the process work! That’s my advice.

For 30 yrs we’ve dismantled the American Middle Class. Trump ran on a platform to resurrect jobs. Let’s hope that  happens as soon as possible. It’s what everyone wants . Good jobs at a fair wage, respect and dignity.

As we inaugurate Donald Trump let’s not forget to cry out with a full throttled voice that we want Peace and jobs, Affordable Quality Healthcare for all and a better public school education . We want to produce the next Einsteins, Colson Whitehead’s and Picasso’s. .

America is #1. We can always do better.
Onward Together !


” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class” 

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