Joyce:AmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am Day 4 # People Power



Donald Trump is the 45 th President of these United States. It behooves us, we the People , to be cool and level headed in the face of conflict. He thrives on conflict. We also must tune out every utterance, if not, we’ll be offended all the time.

It’s true, much has happened during his campaign to give us doubts about his legitimacy. Baring real evidence to the contrary let’s focus on the facts. He has assumed office on his own terms without compliance to the Constitution. If Congress, gives him a pass, they are colluding with him to trample our Constitution. At that point he is illegitimate. “We the People” are the victims of our President’s non compliance with the Emollient Clause.

Those in Congress who approve Trump’s cabinet choices, though many , like Jeff Sessions, Rex Tillerson , Price (HHS), Betsy DeVos, Pruitt ,  and Steve Manuchin (Treasury ) are not acceptable to “we the people”, should be voted out of office.

Those in Congress who vote to destroy the rights of “we the People” should be voted out of office.

Strengthening States rights will not preserve our Healthcare or other institutions. Millions will suffer since we know from past experience the States are capricious and wanton with their money. All people are not treated equally. All States do not allocate money to help the needy.

Be wary and watch . Resist when our rights are threatened. Resist when the President and Congress fail to produce our promised infrastructure program which will lift millions out of poverty.

We protest by voting. We protest for worthy causes that strip us of our rights.
Do not waste your anger on what ifs. Rather plan for good legislation to bring fairness and opportunity to our land. Now is the time to organize and strengthen our voting laws.
There is much work to be done. Identity politics must vanish in order to serve most of the people all the time.


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    1. Thanks so much. Where are you located? Would you join the Political Party I’m forming? Send your info please. All the best. Joyce

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