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Dear followers:

Since 2012, I’ve been thinking about a 3rd Party for 5 years, now is the time to seriously pursue this massive effort!  I’ve named our Party, The National Centrist Party, with a nod to a great Political Danish Series, entitled  “Borgen ” .

Who are we?  Our Mission:

  • The National Centrist Party. Has formed out of America Speaks We are “All inclusive”, accepting everyone .


  • As a group we shall push back against the most egregious policies and candidates for government.
  • It is our obligation to become an active registered political party. Our affiliation should be independent and aligned with one of the Parties. While we would like open primaries That has not happened yet, we have to belong somewhere?  I’m asking you for suggestions. ?

I wrote our agenda in 2015 & 2016 and it’s still relevant. Our next step is recognition of our new Party. Recruitment of luminaries to represent us. Promotion of bills to put before Congress and new candidates at the local, State and Federal level. Referendums to change local and state law when necessary. We will partner with other groups to be effective.
If you are interested in joining , send me your email addresses.


Thank you. Push back and the realization of consensus legislation is our mission . Our tactics include civil discussion of the issues confronting us and the crafting of Bills and referendums for government approval.


See you at 11am.  Let’s chat!
Wishing everyone a great day!
“The heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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