Joyce AmericaSpeaks Periscope@11am Why are Congressional GOP hurting “we the People” ?






Dear followers:

During these trying times, it’s difficult to remain silent.  We know many activists are pushing back against President Trump’s agenda, but where are the “moderate” GOP?
Who is pushing back in the Republican Party. Many of my friends have “buyer’s remorse” and don’t want to see our basic human rights gutted.

I’d like to see the GOP stand up and be counted for their support of “we the People ” over corporate interests.

Clearly many of Trumps nominees are inappropriate and worse have acted “above the law”.   If the GOP cares about  the little guy?  Then listen to us and do not support Jeff Sessions, Steve Manuchin, Tom Price, Scott Pruitt , Betsy DeVos, or Mulvaney. These candidates are unacceptable to “we the people ” and are capable of destroying our institutions and social safety net!

While we’re discussing unacceptable,   Please remember, America supports a free and protected press.  We want the facts brought to us by  the respected press and media.  Though we look forward to President Trump having Press Conferences, we don’t want him to be solely responsible for our news as proposed!

Therefore, I implore those in the GOP majority to care about the needs and wishes  of “we the people”, review Trump’s Executive Order’s thoroughly before creating Law!  America’s survival depends on  GOP  Congressmen and women reaching across the aisle and crafting laws  that benefit all the People .  Thank you for listening.


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