Joyce:AmericaSpeaks@11am Periscope Prioities & the Cesspool?

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With information and executive orders coming ot of the White House, as if they’re shot from a cannon, resist the temptation to react!  Instead, let’s wait and see what can in fact become Law!  It’s the Congressional Law that counts and must be our focus.


Since People shape Policy, Trump’s cabinet choices should be carefully vetted and require skepticism and many disapproval as we have discussed.  Not only should we request disapproval of :  Mulvaney, Minuchin, DeVos, Price , Pruitt and Sessions,  Tillerson, though he passed The Committee with Rubio’s consent, has not yet been approved by the Senate.  Since the rules have changed, a simple Majority may carry Trump’s candidates into office.  Be vigilant and contact your Congressman, if you disapprove of any of these candidates.


More concerning then the Affordable Care Act is “Our Economy”!  The USA grew at 1.6% last year, 2016.  That’s much less then expected and should require a re-look at Trump’s priorities.  Perhaps Congress should concentrate their efforts on new Infrastructure projects.  Why not consider job growth first and simultaneously dedicate teams to replace ACA?  The American people are in dire need of economic relief, “we the People”. request that this issue become Job#1!  Why not use QE for a basic wage?/payout? as we wait for projects to materialize?



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