JoyceAmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am Corporate Tax Cuts destroy Americans : We are swimming in Money and can’t use it! 

February 28, 2017



The plot to kill American Democracy and Americans.

Just look at Kansas. Tax cuts for big business equates to minimum revenue for education.  Therefore, in Kansas , the folks lack the basic skill sets to understand what’s best for them.  They have been given a poor education and have limited health care and access to media that speaks truth to power!  When some folks say, the electorate is stupid.   It is by design.

If you increase spending on the military, on security , on law enforcement and for profit prisons you are not only hurting large groups of people , you, meaning the Society, has chosen to decrease expenditure on basic human needs.

  • Education
  • Clean air and water
  • Health care
  • The arts
  • Science
  • Jobs

All items that would make citizens healthier and better educated are denied. Why? To provide funds for corporate welfare. While we the people are starved for knowledge and  food, large corporations are tax free citizens of the State!

Which “Segway’s ” into  my story on immigration, as a  Flooring contractor,  our competition wasn’t individuals.  Our Competition was national labor shops using illegal immigrants at low wages pushing our  labor’s salary down to levels not seen since the 70’s.      This phenomenon is not new.  We encountered “imported labor” on large union projects in the 1980’s  What’s new,  was the crash of 2008, when all jobs dried up for the once working class.  The  competition became fierce when too many of America’s citizens were left stranded by major Corporations.  The corporation seeking no taxation, was exposed to oversees markets and forgot that they left millions without full time employment. Our dilemma, centers on Corporate Greed that systematically hollowed out the Middle Class.  Our legislatures helped , too!  They provided the tax incentives to Corporations to stay in their States,  in return Corporate Management became wealthy while decreasing American salaries.   When they went oversees, the weakened American tax base,   enabled the defunding of education and basic human needs.


What happened to Merit Carpets, Inc.?    Until the crash of 2008, my mechanics earned $300/day. After the crash, my labor was supplanted by National labor shops providing low cost labor on demand. These laborers were most likely illegal immigrants, costing their employer $50-$75 / day. How did we let this happen?  How could American labor compete?

It’s not the fault of the immigrant. The employer should be penalized. 11 million people were brought into this country almost 20 yrs ago. They were denied a path to citizenship and remained part of the shadow Economy on purpose by large scale businesses. Now Immigrants are fearing for their lives. One out of many groups to be targeted by this administration. For profit prison use will continue  under this administration, imprisoning African Americans for low level crimes. Anti Semitism is on the rise as Cemeteries and JCC’s are targeted.  What group is safe?

Policy and rhetoric continues to drive a wedge through our communities. Trump’s basic pledge to return jobs has not materialized yet. We can only hope it will unite us by giving more people good paying jobs. No matter what the outcome, Americans would be wise to unite.  An attack on one group, is an attack on all of us!


“United we stand,   Divided we “hang ” separately! ” Wise words from our founding father’s.


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce America Speaks: No Periscope today! See you Tuesday. @11am

February 27, 2017



Dear followers:

Read my Post, the “Voice of Joyce” and the Agenda released yesterday at my First Political Action MeetUP!  Let’s chat tomorrow at 11am .


There’s much to be discussed.  Government by the few for the few is destroying our Country.  For the first time, there is a real disconnect between citizens and their government.  People want a new way of life and a new way forward, while special interest groups are trying hard to shove old programs and methodologies, down our throats, to maintain  their giant share of the Federal Economic pie.


Thank God the internet exists.  Newspapers print information as soon as it happens.  We are no longer isolated from each other.  Listen, learn and let’s share our experiences.  We are all Americans and we all want a fair share of the Federal pie.  We can have it.  We can have our dignity and more jobs too, if we agree to unite and see each other as  a friend in need moving forward together.


It’s up to all of us.  Let’s write our own story.  360million united can do it together!  No one can work alone!


We can overcome ideologies, we cannot overcome Billions of moneyed influence, unless we unite and advocate for issues that return human dignity to our lives along with good paying jobs.  We can have it all!  We merely have to demand it!


” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

The Voice of Joyce: I am the heart and pulse of America. 

February 27, 2017




It’s the Economy, stupid! Nothing changed. The plight of the American worker is ongoing.
What I feared and proposed in 2015 & 2016 is valid today. We the people need a movement to sweep this Nation. We need one voice to represent us. I only hear mine! Support me and together we can create a just productive society.

Give me the opportunity to sway public opinion. Let’s focus on the  economic issues before us. Review my revenue generation programs to “power” our Country forward with a secure social safety net and many new projects for “good paying” jobs.  Give my agenda a chance to become Legislation.  Advocate for a thriving Middle Class.  The Power is in our hands.  Power Point presentation below:

Read my solutions to our state of inequality. Nothing has changed.
I am “the heart and pulse of the Middle Class.”
One voice representing all voices.

” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

JoyceAmericaSpeaks: Periscope Today 3PM Political MeetUP Gebhard’s NYC

February 26, 2017

Dear followers:

I’ll be filming from Gebhard’s at 3PM in NYC .  Look for our Town Hall meeting on the Economy.  Our State of Inequality and my solutions.  Finally,  it’s all coming together.

“The Voice of Joyce”  President/ spokesperson for “we the People”!  United we stand!


Join the Conversation, invite friends.  See you later.

All the best.


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce: America Speaks.US: Basis for Political Action & a Newspaper

February 25, 2017

Dear followers:
These  Posts were requested by my friend and Political Cartoonist, Justin Weingartner.  He is going to help me fulfill  one of my dreams, a newspaper featuring my Party Platform and his art work .    We’ll bring you our  point of view of American Society and  continue to curate the news for you.  It is my hope that you’ll contribute local news, art  and politics as well.  Your views are important to me/us.    Please tell us  what’s happening in your world and what changes are occurring .  Let’s unite to create and work together to support positive change  in  our Nation.

Below are the Posts I wrote in  2015,  relevant today!   My  last Post which is included, “Je suis Humain” , was written in January 2013, the Charlie Hebdo murders left their impression on me  This Post reveals my thoughts on humanity during this dreadful time.


This is a small sampling of my thoughts on America and humanity in general.  I have written extensively on Israel and the Arab Nations.  Though I have a Worldview, my concentration has  centered on the Economic rebuilding of the Middle Class.  My vision for America brings us into the 22 nd Century!  Onward together!


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”



The Voice of Joyce: 1st Political Action Meetup 2/26/17 @ 3PM Gebhard’s Beer

February 24, 2017

Dear followers:

Spread the word!  I’m hosting my first MeetUP for Political Action on Sunday, 2/26/17, @ 3PM at Gebhard’s Beer Culture on 226 West 72nd Street NYC  Closer to West End Avenue.Off the #1 train and convenient to cross town buses.


Looking  forward to seeing you there.  We’ll chat, have fun  and organize for Political change.  We’ll write our own stories.  If we don’t, we won’t stop those who will.


Wishing everyone a great day.

All the best.


“the Heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am Where is the America I knew? 

February 24, 2017



This is not the America I grew up in? What has happened in 36 days of this Presidency?

One of the lies of this Administration and the  multi national Corporations running our Country concerns the false belief that immigrants and immigration polices have taken our jobs. This is not true.

The favorable tax policies given to big business has allowed multinational corporations to go oversees exploiting the labor of impoverished Nations at the expense of the American worker.

No one in government sought to stop the layoffs of millions in our Country. They were warned lives would be disrupted but CEO’s didn’t care.

What and who did they care about ? themselves and their loved ones, their Lobbyists and Congressmen who were persuaded for a fee to vote for tax incentives favoring the few at the expense of the many. When Corporations move from one State to another seeking favorable tax breaks, who benefits ? Not the workers. Either workers move or they are left with no jobs.

  • Say no to further tax breaks to corporations.
  • Say no to mass deportations of families.
  • Say no to watering down FDA approval of Drugs.
  • Say no to the aim of this administration to divide us and conquer us.

Say yes to a universal strike. Immigrants, dock workers, everyone. Stay home. Stock up on food. We may need to stay home for a while before this administration realizes that Americans are proud to be Americans. That as Americans , we want a return to openness not fear. We want a return to inclusiveness not hate.  We want those jobs promised us!

The American People want good paying jobs for the many. No need to waste money on law enforcement when we need infrastructure, IT, High Speed rail, an electric grid. Our list is endless.

Time to think of QE for the Middle Class. Now. Not in August . Now! $12,000 for 154,000,000 a check from our government to the once vibrant Middle Class.


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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