Joyce AmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am Healthcare is not equal for all. States may opt out of Government assistance! Shame! 

Sean Spicer. ” said to the State Dept personnel issuing a cable of dissent”,” You can get with the program or you can go.” What ?  What happened to free speech , our first Amendment rights, our right to disagree with those in authority? Executive Orders are not edits, they are policies to be codified; made into Law by Congress.  Congress is peeved, too!  They don’t want to be out of the Executive loop either!  Thanks for listening while I digressed from our chosen topic on  the “Affordable Care Act”.

Dear followers, after discussing The Affordable Healthcare Act with you on Monday, I looked up NEW YORK STATE’s  program and concluded, no wonder so many are against Obamacare, your State is skimping on healthcare coverage.  They have opted out of the government program that expanded Medicaid and have have allowed fewer Insurance Companies to compete in your State.  The problem lies with the individual State Governments’ who determine how much Healthcare to disburse to their residents.

Look at the info provided on NY’s website. Ask yourself, how does my State’s healthcare compare with NY’s? We should be comparing every state’s coverage.   You can go to for the information or the Kaiser Foundation analysis of every State’s Insurance plans.  Compare your State with your neighbors.  Then determine,  if you are against the Affordable Healthcare Act or against it’s administration by your State?

All States are not equal. This is a known fact. In NYS you can receive expanded Medicaid , if you are unemployed and supported by your family. Can you get this kind of assistance in your State?

Transparency sets us free. Knowing what you have vs the rest of the Country gives you a way to compare and insist upon better healthcare. There is no need to repeal healthcare. Rather it should be a National System with all of us sharing equally. One system, the same system for all.

Remind me to tell you about the Ford seminars I conducted. Ford Paint Supervisors never talked to each other till I started the seminars. Like a show and tell, soon there was less competition and more collaboration. We can do it!

Additionally, Congressman and their staffs are on Obamacare, ACA, all 30,000, with one exception, they get a $10,000 rebate for participating. $300,000,000 tax free! Congress should take away their subsidy when so many of you , in the South and the Rust Belt , can’t afford or are unable to purchase Healthcare!

Insurance Companies should cross state lines offering competitive rates. States should not be able to opt out of expanded Medicaid, having affordable healthcare care is everyone’s right. Affordable and quality insurance, we the People have earned the right to be treated fairly and equally. Besides education and a job we deserve to be healthy and happy. Demand it, it’s your right!

Protest anyway you can! Healthcare for everyone should be your Mission. Reasonable, Affordable and Quality Care! That’s an American right!

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