Joyce:America Speaks Periscope @11am Political Action “MEETUP NYC” 2/26/17, Trump Agenda’s & more!!!



Dear followers:


I’m distressed. I can no longer just comment,  in an erudite matter , about the Trump Cesspool.  Something must be done. Wait and see doesn’t work for me, neither does constant protest?
Before our lives become further devalued; we must act!  That’s why I am proposing forming a 3 rd Party, Centrist by design, all inclusive , promoting moderates on all sides of the aisle.
Join me   for Political Action, all welcome.    My ” MeetUP”  is scheduled for the UWS/NYC on 2/26 at 3 pm. Place TBD as we speak. Please RSVP on Twitter @grandmajsilver!


We’ll also discuss today,  Trump’s agendas, creating chaos, taking away People’s rights and more!

See you at 11 am Let’s chat.

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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