Joyce: AmericaSpeaks Periscope@11am. Enemy of the People 





More assaults on Democracy favoring the Beleaguered Billionaires Club. Anything for them, nothing for we the People.  That’s our new reality.  The Lobbyists and Big Business are now installed as the heads of our Institutions.  Our Question?  Will they care for the needs of “we the People” or themselves?

The potential gutting of key Dodd Frank Rules will leave “we the People” open to worst business practices. We the People really need our brokers to put our needs first. That’s what Fiduciary responsibility means, plus a cheaper maintenance fee . Why should brokers be exempt from watching out for our interests ? Ask that question and demand Fiduciary Responsibility!  The two  other regulations, if gutted, brings the Banking industry back to 2008 on steroids!  The Financial Industry , plus Hedge Funds and Insurance Companies invest heavily in Derivatives  now.  Once they can trade for their own accounts, do you think they’ll think first about you or themselves.

Write your Congressman and start being involved in the workings of local government. Better to become part of local government, become and know the players.  It’s not too late to apply for local school boards and Councils.

Understanding is the key to undermining the existing power dynamic. We’re going to become a Nation of Activists. Look at Romania, after days of Protest, their government backed off diluting anti corruption laws. We should be so lucky.

Other laws to protest: Support the reinstatement and sanctity of  our National Parks and Monuments   !  Don’t let Congress open Public Lands for coal mining, or drilling for gas and oil.  ? Look what’s happened in  Oklahoma? 400-500 earthquakes , the last one was 5.8 on the Richter scale. When do we all say enough.? Insist on investment in alternative fuels and infrastructure as promised. We can generate good jobs at all levels of income , if planned properly.

Big business has hobbled the American Worker, not Globalization, not trade agreements. Their greed created these deals. Focus on the real villains, The American Corporation, the Lobbyists they employ  and the Congressional support they receive.   Custom Laws for the few!  It’s our obligation to spread the news, look at the issues and change “hearts and minds.”

Protest, start running for state and local governments. Support your neighbors. Start learning about ways to improve healthcare and share your findings. We’re all in this together. 360 million against the elite group that governs us and the Businesses that support them.

Thank you for listening. See you at 11am.   Let’s chat!

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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