Joyce:Periscope@10am Who stands up for “we the People”? 4 Cabinet appointees to be approved. Resist NOW!

Photo on 9-14-15 at 9.56 AMDear Followers:

My concern is not for Party but for Country.  Sure it looks great to boycott these Nominees because you are rightly angry by our 45th President’s choice!  You’re play into his hands, along with those decent folks on the other side of the aisle.


Except, as I’ve heard rumored, that many of them have been paid by special interest groups to keep silent and approve all choices.  These Senators should recuse themselves.  If not, what prevents you from digging for the facts about each and every candidate.  According to Senate rules, you may use 30 hours to question each candidate , use them.


If the Nominees are thoroughly Vetted,  the American People will know more about the Nominees, their Mission for every Department will be  clear to “we the People” and on the Record.  “we the People” want transparency.  I’d like to know before it happens, what to expect.  No speculation, just the facts.


Last night I read the FCC chairman intends to gut “net Neutrality”,   He’s saving band with for big business and is not allowing 9 small businesses to compete.  Is this the type of deal to benefit “we the People”.  I don’t think so!  You voted for a Democracy that hears, listens, and acts to support the needs of the many over the needs of the few!  We’re getting the  opposite.  Big Business and crony capitalism are satisfying their needs first!  Is that what you want?


See you at 10am.  There’s much to talk about!

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