Joyce: AmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am Stressful Times! New Proposals for a new day! Grass Roots Emerges!




Why are these times stressful ? It is a push pull between two cultures, the ultra right vs the ultra left. The center , us, we’re in the Middle,  preferring common sense to the old order. We are the worst choice for either side. We are the true disrupters!

To break thru Populism a candidate needs massive grass roots support.

Napoleon said, “If your enemy is losing, don’t interfere, stand back and just watch him destroy himself”. Sage advice!  Meanwhile, we gather together, we organize and we make alternate policy.

10 GOP Senators come up for reelection. Target them. Take trips to the South and heartland , see our Nation and let them see you, be friendly.  We are not opposition, we are fellow citizens.   Get into local government at the grass roots level.   Form committees with experts to solve the problems of our time: healthcare, education, infrastructure.  Share your discoveries with us!  United we can back the best policies.

Be prepared to counter the government’s arguments and their money.   Protest when egregious law is to be passed. For that we need a strong reliable press to keep us informed.   It’s right to understand their mind set , we can’t fight  Trump’s appointees.  We cannot prevent their appointments. The GOP leadership has decided to work with President Trump.  We can counter and fight their policiies.

There’s much to discuss and I look forward to your input. See you later.
“The heart and pulse of the Middle Class”.

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