The Voice of Joyce: Coastal Elites? Who are they? 




Dear followers:
Yes, I want you to be involved citizens and I will provide the tools you’ll need for local action. First, I’d like to dispel the ” coastal elite” myth.

The actual elites in our Country are the top 1% of Society. This nomenclature belongs to the CEO’s of Big Business , Banks , Big Oil & some Congressmen & women.

Why are many calling us on the Coasts the Coastal Elites? We’re not the top 1%. The people who differ with President Trumps agenda are “ordinary ” citizens. 70 yr old grandmothers, who are ” Mad as hell”, living on Medicare, ready to march for social and economic progress. They also include the young folks , 18-60 yr olds ,  who would have voted for Bernie Sanders and our burgeoning immigrant population.  Who do you think drives yellow cabs, Uber , Via and 100, 000 other vehicles in NYC? We are melting pot of at least 150 nationalities! I don’t think any of us qualify as the Coastal Elites. Nor should we be discounted as those New Yorker’s or Californian’s, we’re ordinary Americans just like the rest of America. We are a diverse population and we embrace our diversity. Don’t label us.   We’re like you. We want jobs, education, health care , a fast reliable internet and services  like every  other American.

If given the opportunity to mingle with each other, I bet we’d all get along. More then that , I believe, decent well meaning folks, will seek common ground on common issues. So, stop labeling us , rather, “Look in our eyes and see yourselves”.  Together we can work out our differences. There is no right or left way to govern America. There is a Common Sense and “Common Ground ” way we can achieve solutions to all our problems when we work together .

“We the People” need full time good paying jobs at all levels of income with benefits. That’s a goal , I think, we can all agree upon.

When good ideas are proposed by experts I will print them, independent of politics.  I would urge every expert, on healthcare, monetary policy & infrastructure (a broad concept) to propose the best policies for the well being of 360 million Americans , even if you are not in Government . Why not be Proactive?
See you at 11 am.

“The heart and pulse of the Middle class ”

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