The Voice of Joyce:# Resist, government workers should bear witness, you represent “we the People” 

There is a powerful wave of repression sweeping our Country. The old guard in power in 26 States is working quickly to unbundle civil rights.


  • Imagine it is no crime to injure a protestor? Sounds like the Freedom Matches of the 60’s. Except folks don’t have to leave their vehicles to run you over or beat you
  • Imagine the race to the bottom of the pay scale as States move to eliminate Union Members on State jobs?
  • Imagine what will happen to folks losing benefits and being allowed to carry concealed weapons without a permit.

The American people will have a breaking point. An epiphany that their rights have been stripped along with their social safety net and good paying jobs.

I have advice for government workers conflicted about working in the Trump administration , don’t be! Use the time allotted to you to gather evidence of new restricted laws. Use your time to bear witness. Be patriotic and keep records and post anominously through others “what’s really happening in the Trump White House and how it affects our Institutions. You’re there. You are the representatives of “we the people” stay as long as they let you and pass your knowledge to we the people.

I’ll gladly pass on information. That’s how are “underground newspaper will begin!


  • I’m pro people, anything that inhibits the rights of the Middle Class to make a decent living or to have clean air and water, a good education and health, is my concern and yours.


  • Anyone who tramples our first amendment rights should be removed from their positions of power. State Governors have a lot of power by design.
    You can’t hope for a benevolent Governor, you can vote for one.

This is the time to gather the facts and think removal from office at all levels of Government where our elected officials have violated the public trust by enriching themselves. Our battle is against elected officials who legislate against the rights of “we the People”. Do not think Party, think human rights and your fair share of the economic pie!

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