Joyce:America Speaks Periscope@11am Conflict! Anger! to Resolution

No one chooses to be poor, dear followers  In fact,  most people want to have a lot of money and live well.

In the reading I saw Monday night , at the Mint Theater “Conflict”, written by Williams Miles Malleson, set in the 1920’s England,  read with great passion, contained several scenes that resonate today!

In the play, When the elderly rooming house lady is asked about voting and politics. “She replies, she has a mistrust of the voting process. Why?

“When you get to the place there are the police standing guard. That’s enough to scare  me away from entering the voting place.

When asked by her boarder, if she wants a better life, why wouldn’t she vote for him. His platform is pro labor? She replies: Why would I? You walk everywhere , whereas the Lords pick you up in a Limousine, pay you, buy you lunch and if you wanted to vote, you’d naturally have to vote for them. You would remember their kindness. It would be the decent thing to do.”  Even if it happened once in every few years. ”


My takeaway: Visit all 50 States and many districts and visit often. It’s the decent thing to do! One great memory in the present, trumps all future promises.  People need to see you now. Break bread with everyone and be yourself. Politics comes afterward.


  •  Perhaps,  the poor and Middle Class require education about our voting process and education to understand the rights of citizens in order to overcome their mistrust of Government.


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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