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In South Korea corporation’s are so powerful it is feared that they pose a systemic risk to the Economy. This time with the jailing of the Samsung CEO, which owns 1/5 th of South Korea’s exports, the people want to seriously send a message to corrupt officials.#GetOUT!


The People will no longer tolerate the cozy relationship between business and politicians.
Romanians took the streets recently to protest the rollback of anti corruption laws.  They were successful and ministers were removed from Power!

We the People,  in America, know that government policy makers have been corrupted by Big Business and their lobbyists at the People’s expense.  The USA has already legalized Bribery   Paid protestors are not the problem. The People who have felt powerless without resources are  finally rebelling against a corrupt society.  #Trump?Nope!  Pink slips to be sent to the White House on March 15th, 2017.  Do your part!

Protests are happening  in America and all over the Globe. The internet has shined a light on Nation’s and the result is not pretty. The few in power aided by Multinational Corporations are controlling the destiny of Billions. We the People see the truth and don’t like it.

Crony Capitalism will collapse under the weight of an irate Populace. Wait and See! 

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