Joyce:America Speaks Periscope @11amDraconian Laws require Draconian resistance! Unless you like the SCRAPS?




Dear followers,  yesterday,  I heard about what’s troubling Voters?

In NY we’re going to add a $4.00 surcharge to taxi drivers. They’re our most vulnerable group, so why not wipe them out with high fares designated to support airport renovations? The highly coveted yellow cab will lose customers and value and be forced out of business. Why? They’re an easy target.


  • Why not authorize MAC bonds or increase taxes on aircraft using the facilities. Stop targeting the vulnerable to raise taxes. We can do better. 

Next,  let’s move on to the Mid west and some of Trumps base. Who are they? The unapologetic voters appear to be alt right white nationalists totally content with Trump and his support of the Military and anti immigration stance. They believe Trump will look out for them. They’re loyal till they become disappointed when their jobs are not reinstated. Their world view is different from those living in cities.

The rest of us: we’re looking at what’s really happening in the Trump White House. We can’t normalize Trump’s behavior. We want to know his Russian Connections, see his tax returns.  We don’t agree with his executive orders or his choice of Cabinet appointees. Our group is in the Middle,  wanting the best for most people most of the time.


  • Watch Congress and go to their town hall meetings. Continue going because our movement against government that is against the people must continue. We the people have lost our dignity . As a group , we Americans were brought up with “good” values , which demand that we overturn bad legislation.


  • That’s our Mission, to be disrupters when warranted and it’s warranted now. We shouldn’t march without a message. We can strike  targeted multinationals. We can divest from funds that have stocks in Corporations we object too! Our resistance has to be felt and sustained.

It’s unfortunate there aren’t more unions or we the people would have more power.
Immigrants can close down restaurants, car services and farms. Who will support their cause?



What about the IT middle manager? Who supported their cause. You have low paid workers and upper management. That’s why we have no vision for America. The innovators , those between 45-55 are no longer employed.

Ditto for rehab centers , in particular, in NYC they are undermanned. Where is the standard of care showing a ratio of employees required for patient care? Who stands up for the aide valiantly trying to help 21 patients on his shift ?


  • We could be employing more people right now, without infrastructure projects, if laws encouraged Corporations to staff up to be productive and innovative rather then investing in shareholder buybacks and obscene profits. 
  • Our system is broken. It can be fixed. Use tax incentives to increase R&D ? Better then tax cuts for the wealthy who don’t need them. 


See you at 11am.

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