Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am Where is the America I knew? 



This is not the America I grew up in? What has happened in 36 days of this Presidency?

One of the lies of this Administration and the  multi national Corporations running our Country concerns the false belief that immigrants and immigration polices have taken our jobs. This is not true.

The favorable tax policies given to big business has allowed multinational corporations to go oversees exploiting the labor of impoverished Nations at the expense of the American worker.

No one in government sought to stop the layoffs of millions in our Country. They were warned lives would be disrupted but CEO’s didn’t care.

What and who did they care about ? themselves and their loved ones, their Lobbyists and Congressmen who were persuaded for a fee to vote for tax incentives favoring the few at the expense of the many. When Corporations move from one State to another seeking favorable tax breaks, who benefits ? Not the workers. Either workers move or they are left with no jobs.

  • Say no to further tax breaks to corporations.
  • Say no to mass deportations of families.
  • Say no to watering down FDA approval of Drugs.
  • Say no to the aim of this administration to divide us and conquer us.

Say yes to a universal strike. Immigrants, dock workers, everyone. Stay home. Stock up on food. We may need to stay home for a while before this administration realizes that Americans are proud to be Americans. That as Americans , we want a return to openness not fear. We want a return to inclusiveness not hate.  We want those jobs promised us!

The American People want good paying jobs for the many. No need to waste money on law enforcement when we need infrastructure, IT, High Speed rail, an electric grid. Our list is endless.

Time to think of QE for the Middle Class. Now. Not in August . Now! $12,000 for 154,000,000 a check from our government to the once vibrant Middle Class.


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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