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Dear followers:
These  Posts were requested by my friend and Political Cartoonist, Justin Weingartner.  He is going to help me fulfill  one of my dreams, a newspaper featuring my Party Platform and his art work .    We’ll bring you our  point of view of American Society and  continue to curate the news for you.  It is my hope that you’ll contribute local news, art  and politics as well.  Your views are important to me/us.    Please tell us  what’s happening in your world and what changes are occurring .  Let’s unite to create and work together to support positive change  in  our Nation.

Below are the Posts I wrote in  2015,  relevant today!   My  last Post which is included, “Je suis Humain” , was written in January 2013, the Charlie Hebdo murders left their impression on me  This Post reveals my thoughts on humanity during this dreadful time.


This is a small sampling of my thoughts on America and humanity in general.  I have written extensively on Israel and the Arab Nations.  Though I have a Worldview, my concentration has  centered on the Economic rebuilding of the Middle Class.  My vision for America brings us into the 22 nd Century!  Onward together!


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”



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