Joyce America Speaks: No Periscope today! See you Tuesday. @11am



Dear followers:

Read my Post, the “Voice of Joyce” and the Agenda released yesterday at my First Political Action MeetUP!  Let’s chat tomorrow at 11am .


There’s much to be discussed.  Government by the few for the few is destroying our Country.  For the first time, there is a real disconnect between citizens and their government.  People want a new way of life and a new way forward, while special interest groups are trying hard to shove old programs and methodologies, down our throats, to maintain  their giant share of the Federal Economic pie.


Thank God the internet exists.  Newspapers print information as soon as it happens.  We are no longer isolated from each other.  Listen, learn and let’s share our experiences.  We are all Americans and we all want a fair share of the Federal pie.  We can have it.  We can have our dignity and more jobs too, if we agree to unite and see each other as  a friend in need moving forward together.


It’s up to all of us.  Let’s write our own story.  360million united can do it together!  No one can work alone!


We can overcome ideologies, we cannot overcome Billions of moneyed influence, unless we unite and advocate for issues that return human dignity to our lives along with good paying jobs.  We can have it all!  We merely have to demand it!


” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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