Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am The Enemy of the People



The Enemy of the People? Ignorance  and the lack of education that prevents “us” from understanding who has taken American jobs.

The American Multinational Corporation stole our jobs. Many Congressmen were complicit, rewriting our Laws to deprive ” we the people” of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It took 30 yrs to get to this point in time.

It need not take another 30 yrs to bring good policy and statesmen and women back to Congress, if ” we the People”. become involved in advocating for Laws that benefit us.

As a Country, we are awash in money.  Read the truth about our government and seek the legislation to make our lives better. Resist & Advocate!  Let’s write our own story?

We can do it together. I know how to generate revenue to provide the ” grease” to preserve Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security , healthcare, education and the IT and Infrastructure projects that will power our World.  Among us we can choose what’s important to our survival.


See you at 11 am and let’s chat.
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