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Deficits don’t work.
Just as we’re not getting younger , trade deficits, economic deficits are a drag on a potentially more robust Economy.
1. The manufacturers have left America and now we buy cheap goods globally. This will not change dramatically. Accept this fact. Avoid trade wars. Avoid the 1920’s economic scenario , greed unleashed and the crash that was precipitated.

2.We’ve seen this story before: Give big business , that includes Insurance Companies,  and Banks all that they ask for and they will create jobs. That’s a big lie, we know it, we’ve seen this policy in action, it means more money to CEO’s and not even the scraps to “we the people”.

3.The Repeal & Replace of  ACA adds to our deficit and continues to create financial burdens to the poor and Middle Class , do not approve it!   Since it reduces Medicaid expansion in 2020 , that’s another reason to reject it. Tax credits will add to the deficit and the costs to the most vulnerable, that’s  another reason for rejection. Lastly, Health Savings Plans only help the rich. So what’s to like about the revised ACA? Nothing. Reject it and rework it.

If we’re really interested in universal health care , we shouldn’t be going back to pre ACA days. If the States want more insured and more insurance choices, there should be a way to negotiate with Insurance Company’s and limit their unrestrained pricing power. That’s our problem. Healthcare is not affordable because too many States have one insurer and those with competition require high deductibles.

All States are not created equally. Look at the map provided by the Kaiser Family Foundation. See how your State compares to others and then advocate for low insurance and low drug costs. Keep Obamacare/ACA till we have a better plan. Do no harm, repeal and replace does harm us! 

Don’t let government impose poorly crafted deficit raising programs on US. We know, because I’ve done the math, America is a wash in cash. It’s not available to “we the people”.

Think $5-6Trillion available. Think $1 Billion equals 22,000 jobs @$50,000 each. Then advocate for revenue not deficits. We can win against Trump’s Agenda by advocating for growth , not continued stagnation and deficits.

I’d like to amend my comment on winning against Trump’s agenda, we won’t , if we continue chasing our tails! He’ll put up obstacles to change that matters to the Middle Class faster then we can counteract them. In the process , where are the jobs and infrastructure programs we were promised?  United we stand!


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