JoyceAmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am Trumped & Dumped No Federal Govt v States Right “We lose”! 




Trumped and Dumped. No Federal Govt v States rights ? “we the People ” lose.

1. ACA repeal and replace will be less affordable for the Middle Class. Medicaid will be phased out, without a war on Entitlements. A means test and State budget priorities will curb access and care.

2. Battery and Electric cars will lose valuable tax credits making them less affordable. Who wins? Big business as emissions testing and fossil fuel use are preserved as profit centers. Look for smoggy skies and dirty air and asthma increases once again. According to Big Business if they can’t participate in pricing the air we breathe, we the People won’t have clean air or water.

3. Immigration reform, mass deportations as horrible as they are to some, they’re a boon to for profit prisons.

Previously, these profitable , real estate tax exempt groups housed 1.3 million African Americans, 1/2 for non violent crimes. Now they can stay in business with new found profitability in the Hispanic market? Social Justice has no place in a World built by Business for Business Profit. Nor does clean air , clean water and People’s health.
The perfect “state “, no pun intended, is no Federal Government, State’s rights to keep business happy at the health and well being of “we the People.
4. One last example, cutting corporate taxes, gave us The ballooning Deficit. If we spend more the Deficit increases. There is another way to spend without increasing our deficit. Read my revenue generation plans. I’ll reiterate them for you. Because I know we can create $5-6 Trillion to spend easily.



Resist Trump’s agenda and save yourself and your families lives. Save yourself from more debt. Live free and happier. We can do it when we stand united together. Onward!   See you at 11am.


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