Joyce:America Speaks Periscope @11am poor policy leads to worse outcomes. Healthcare 101 & more 

They say, if you are wealthy you know? Know what? How to make more money in the only Business you know?

If you ask me, the wealthy are both stupid and greedy. We give them tax subsidies for fossil fuels, $660 Billion and it’s not enough. They’re still suppressing electric and battery powered cars and renewables. Might as well take away their subsidies. We can always add some back , if the owners & CEO’s of fossil fuel businesses become creative and start developing clean energy , not clean coal which doesn’t exist.

My eyes are opened to the truth. Are yours?
If they’re not,  let me persuade you that worrying about the deficit is not in the best interests of the Middle Class and small business. When Trump and the GOP House,  say they want to help, they mean big business and big money. If they wanted to help the Middle Class they would fix the ACA , make all the health insurances cheaper along with drug costs and stop this dreadful ” replacement” from moving forward. Not one of them should be re elected  to public office.

Now dear followers, let me teach you about Insurance coverage and Healthcare.


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

See you at 11am  , let’s chat.

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