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Dear followers, you know I’m for revenue generation not deficit reduction. As a small businesswoman, I was always concerned with selling my product, I abhorred debt, growing up in a family that didn’t believe in debt. However, as times became worse, it was impossible not to take on debt.

Debt is not our enemy unless it exceeds our revenue. Debt is also a function of revenue. The more revenue you generate the less the percentage of debt to revenue. 

In previous slides and Posts I’ve illustrated how to generate $5-6 Trillion in revenue to carry out infrastructure projects, to secure Social Security and other entitlements and to increase Defense spending without gutting necessary programs that make American lives healthier while providing new jobs at better wages restoring dignity to our most needy people, the poor and the Middle Class.


  • I’ve done the math, if you increase the payroll deduction limit to $250,000 @7.5% the tax collected would be $20,000. With matching funds $40,000 would be collected. Assuming 100,000,000 are working, it is not unreasonable to assume that $1-4 Trillion could be collected by the Federal Government. Do the math. Insist that the office of Budget do the Math and tell us, the American people how much income could be expected once the income ceiling is raised.



  • Think Revenue generation not deficits. Why would anyone vote for austerity when we could have prosperity and progress?

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