The Voice of Joyce: the appalling Mission of Congress:  “total transfer of our collective wealth to the Rich”! 

When Corporations and the wealthy feed off the Federal Government, ” That’s ok’. They’re the wealth generators, really?    We know it’s not true, or  “we the People’  would have good paying jobs!


Corporate welfare sucks our Country dry and then looks at the little guy for more. The greed of the few has destroyed our homeland and us.

It’s not too  late to cast off their shackles and say no. I see the truth and I don’t like it. Nothing for the poor and Middle Class and everything to make the rich richer and more powerful.

Is this what you want? Is this what you voted for America?   A Class of People who views you with contempt. Who sees a good citizen as a dead or dying citizen;   too  weak and too poor to purchase health care? Too demoralized to think about your loss of dignity?

  •  cast off your shackles and see the truth. Vote for decency and Representative who care about your welfare.  Dont trust the Party line.  Trust your senses and see if what’s proposed makes your life better.  If not, vote for someone who will make your life and the life of your loved ones happy, healthy and secure.
  • One more caution, if you don’t understand what your told.  If proposed policy makes no sense, don’t vote for that policy.  Chances are you’ve been conned.  Ant policy worth writing, can be stated clearly and published for your education.  You’re the customer, demand to know and understand the facts.  That’s your right as a citizen!



I am appalled by what I see in Congress. The greedy fighting to destroy the poor and Middle Class.  They want all our wealth  and they are not content to have taken most of it  Stop the transfer of our wealth NOW!     Preserve your American way of life and only vote for a Congressman or woman , if they don’t vote for bills that destroy the poor and Middle Class.


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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