Joyce AmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am Priorities:Infrastructure, Climate Mitigation No tax cuts! 




Don’t break out the Champagne yet. Democrats and Republicans should look toward increasing the Insurance presence in many States. Our people still need low rates and choices. The battle to improve the ACA is not over. The hard work and the Art of the Deal could still improve Healthcare for millions.

So what’s next? It should be job creation and infrastructure. They’re not on Trump’s agenda. Tax reform is. Tax cuts  have not created jobs, yet!  . This is a spin your wheels do nothing incompetent administration. When do they, the President and the Congress work to help the American people?

It would help to finalize Trump’s legitimacy first. That question, looms large in half the population. The next shouldn’t be a Supreme Court nominee that favors big business. The Administration should be  concentrating on infrastructure and climate change. We the People could live better lives,  if infrastructure became a priority instead of tax cuts for big business. Which brings me to my next question?


What does Neil Gorsuch, the US climate stance and China have in common? Plenty!
Both our administration and Neil Gorsuch are proponents of individual property rights and the rights of oil and gas consortiums. Their positions may be at odds with environmentalists seeking to preserve public property and limiting oil and gas exploration on public lands. How do these positions effect China?

As a closed system, one planet, one world, our local positions effect China. The Chinese are trying to limit their smog conditions in their provinces. Their efforts are unsuccessful. Only a global effort to curtail greenhouse gas emissions will help them.
Is our government committed to Global preservation or is short term profits on fossil fuels our only concern? We are at a decision point on many issues. Isolation and denial will not help us solve our local problems or help our neighbors. Now is not the time to be isolationists. We have our selves to save and the World.
We lead by example , by building not by destruction. 


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