The Voice of Joyce: vote for the poor and Middle Class. We need each other! 

When Corporations and the wealthy feed off the Federal Government. That’s ok. They’re the wealth generators.  If that were true , why don’t we have jobs?

Corporate welfare sucks our Country dry and then looks at the little guy for more. The greed of the few has destroyed our homeland and us.

It’s not to late to cast off their shackles and say no. I see the truth and I don’t like it. Nothing for the poor and Middle Class and everything to make the rich richer and more powerful.
Is this what you want? Is this what you voted for America , a Class of People who views you with contempt. Who sees a good citizen as a dead or dying citizen. Too weak and too poor to purchase health care? too demoralized to think about your loss of dignity?
Cast off your shackles and see the truth. There are good people in America . unfortuneately, many are not in the Congress, or the lobbying groups or the White House or the large Corporations.
Vote for decency. Vote for people’s rights,  vote for progressive ideas and jobs and human dignity. vote for individuals who insist upon Laws that encourage “Statesmen and women” and prevent abuse of their power.

Vote and vote pro people like yourself. Ideology will kill you. Vote for self preservation not the party that cares about the wealthy at the expense of the Middle Class.   I do intend to run as The People’s President with your help.  Together,  we will seek common ground to resurrect the Middle Class and help the poor.

I am appalled by what I see in Congress. The greedy fighting to destroy the poor and Middle Class. Some decent Republicans may remain   In the interim,  Vote Democrat, when warranted , till our People’s Party and their representatives exist , to preserve our American way of life.   Vote Republican,  if they don’t vote for bills that destroy the poor and Middle Class.  The next few years will require Community Involvement and vigilance to protect our American Values and Democracy.

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