Joyce:America Speaks Periscope @11am. Trumpgate continues while Pence runs our Country! 

What bothers me most about this Administration is it’s insularity and mean spiritedness ways.
There are no feelings for others. No value of live and let live. That’s how I was brought up. In business I was told never look in anyone else’s pocket. Make what you feel is right for you. My deals were win wins.

Not the folks in this administration. No sir! They live by their” principles”  even though many will suffer. There is no sense of fair play. Too many in Congress are not considering the greatest good for the many. They care only about themselves at our expense. They are tearing down our institutions and building nothing. They won’t provide the jobs we need , though clearly “we  the people”  are desperate for work, healthcare and counseling.   So much can be done and so little is? Why?  “We the People are not on their agenda!”

With cyber security and technology advancing rapidly we need skilled IT project managers along with coders to bring our , businesses, Cities, States and Country on par with Russian sophistication. Clearly we need to be investing in better voting systems and better technology to protect our elections from future tampering. We need so much , yet what are we the people getting for our tax dollars. Not much. Some states are still fighting expanded Medicaid, though 6 million would benefit. Why?

Why? Are we watching an elaborate espionage series unfold before our eyes? At least Nixon had the decency to resign. When Trumpgate breaks , I fear a very large circle of associates will be caught in the Russian web along with some Congressmen.  Wait and See. Meanwhile,  Pence is running the government. Unfortunately, he is not a man of vision.  Nor are any of Trump’s appointees!


See you at 11am and let’s chat!

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