The Voice of Joyce: Donald Trump does not represent our Country till all his Conflicts are laid bare before “we the people”! 



Business is not normal. The Government is not functioning properly.  When can we remember when a sitting President over rules Justice Dept officials, a sitting AG and investigative committees looking into his alleged High Crimes and misdemeanors?   No business is. not Normal.

Everyone should want to hear the facts surrounding Trump’s associations with the Russians. Everyone should want to see his tax returns. Everyone should want his Conflicts of Interests removed. This is not a Democratic demand. This is an American’s demand.


IT is un- American to have a sitting President call the shots on investigations on his affairs and the affairs of his associates. Until we know the truth, Donald Trump and his Cabinet conflict with the interests of ” we the People “.

Let’s clear up the facts. Then let’s set government priorities on governing” for the People by the People”.

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