The Voice of Joyce: Vote Self Preservation 



The Congress didn’t hate Obama because he is Black. Though,  he is African American . They hated him because he was decent and represented change. That made him a threat to be eliminated.

Those self interested greedy politicians in office were not going to give up their perks and their customized legislation for their friends in high places. No way was this new President going to destroy their “game of thrones. ” He would be stopped and their ugly agenda would wait for Trump.

Trump, the perfect “patsy” for the greedy and their agenda.  Trump, like Gatsby,  was not one of them.  It was easy to win him over with visions of wealth in the here and now and maybe a little “love”.   It seems the majority of House GOP unmasked , are nothing but mean spirited selfish rogues. They deserve jail for bilking the American people. Jail for promoting guns, opioids and tax cuts on an uneducated populace.   They conned desparate people,  the people were gullible, waiting for a savior from their plight, and unable to understand that they had been conned.

The folks voting consistently for these men and women have voted for inequality and their own despair.

It’s not too late to cast off your shackles. Say no to bad policy that effects your well being and make sure to keep decent People in office.

One day we’ll have a third Party.   I’m no  longer on the fence.   Talking to folks outside your comfort zone helps making choosing self preservation easier!
Have a great day.

” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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  1. Am I too believe that Mohawk Carpet is permitting the President of Merit Carpet one of it”s own to voice opinions of let’s say reasonably 50% of it’s customers that may or may not agree. I find this to be poor business sense and offensive too my own positstion on the President of th United States
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    1. Please clarify. What does Mohawk carpet have to do with my discussions on labor? I was a purchaser yrs ago. I am retired. What is your point ?

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