Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am Tax Reform? ACA? Time to Disrupt ! 

No way to run a government. Is anyone paying attention to the lack of Congressional thinking on America’s future ?  Where are the Conservatives denouncing increasing the deficit? Where are the Democrats decrying tax cuts for the wealthy? Who is thinking about the American people.

It’s a known fact Corporate Tax Cuts do not increase investment in product development or higher wages for employees. The tax cuts are giveaways to the wealthy. They benefit. The elimination of estate taxes reduces revenue from the wealthy. The Walmart family already has an $8Billion exemption. It was given to them to create well paying jobs. We know that never happened.
What else will the tax cuts do? They will make Billionaire hedge fund owners wealthier as their income continues to be counted as a capital gain , lowered from 20% to 15%. A far cry from treating their Billion dollar incomes as salary to be taxed at 35%.
The list is egregious actions proposed continues. Real Estate Moguls like our President get to take more deductions while Middle Income Families in New York and California will see an increase in their taxes as deductions for State taxes disappear.

So much to dislike. Yet where is the resistance ? The sound of silence is deafening.
Keep advocating for your self interest and remember not to vote anyone into office who continues to destroy our way of life.


See you at 11am and let’s chat.

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”


Joyce:America Speaks Periscope @11am Say No to Trump Tax Plan Push back for Infrastructure 

Bad policy continues to plague Americans. The ” new” Trump tax plan was scribbled on a napkin by him in 1974.


We’re in the 21 st Century and his plan is not appropriate for our time. The small business person requires a thriving community to survive. Large businesses do not need more tax cuts to produce American jobs , they’ve already stated they’re not interested in investing their cash hoard.

Third, let’s not forget , this tax proposal will balloon the Federal Deficit and decrease revenue to the Federal Government.

The elephant in the room has not been mentioned. Infrastructure! Our economy and the World’s Economy is in deflation. We need revenue to create the massive infrastructure promised. We need revenue to provide counseling to our kids to prevent an epidemic of suicides among our young. We need revenue.

It will take more than a U.S. presidential election, a few months 
of solid global growth and a recovery in oil prices to fix it.

Advocate for Infrastructure. Do not back down and wait and See Trump will! Push back for good cause, makes him reflect. Tell your Congressman you don’t see Infrastructure funding on the Budget Proposal !

We can stagnate or we can advocate for a Great America and prosperous Americans in the Middle Class. We don’t have to reward Big Business with more tax cuts, they’ve made their money. It’s our turn to make money, now!
See you at 11 am.

” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

The Voice of Joyce: Resist, March and demand “Good Legislation “!


Resistance is good. Marching and protesting are time honored traditions to register ” the People’s ” displeasure. Extremism in defense of Liberty is no crime.

Our next thought should be ? When do we know we’ve achieved our goals? In America we achieve our goals through well crafted Legislation. We are a Nation of Laws. Pressure on our elected representatives cannot cease , till we’ve achieved ” good” Legislation.  


  • We want equal pay for equal work? Then we need legislation like England, where they mandate that all Corporations with 250 employees and more must publish the pay of all employees at the same level. Transparency is a great leveler!
  • If we want Congress to work on the People’s behalf,  pressure your representatives to work full weeks and take vacations that make sense. Two months? Not 1/2 – 2/3 rds of a year. It takes a majority of Congress to force other members to remain in session according to our Constitution Section 5.   Pressure the ” good guys” and they’ll pressure everyone else.


  • We support the facts and science. We’ll know Congress is listening when the EPA continues publishing their data and when their research is published as well. Also, we the People need to see an improved Satellite program, to monitor our weather and to provide early warning. We need high speed internet Nationwide. We need control and security of our data personally and commercially. The list is endless and I’m quite sure the Legislation has been written and stashed away for future use. The future is now!


  • We  also support fiscal stability and  want to get back to boring Banks that encourage entrepreneurs by lending.

So much to do and we’re wasting time by doing nothing. I saw a wonderful play last week at the Irish Rep, “Rebel with a soul”.   A true story about Dr Browne , a Consumptive poor young man who had an inner fierceness that compelled others to follow him and help him complete his mission. By persevering he created National Healthcare in Ireland. He lived everyday as if it was his last and was not content till he was able to eradicate TB, build sanatoriums and hospitals for all and provide for women’s health through a National Healthcare System. This was not your typical Irish Play, spoiler alert, there was a happy ending.

American’s can have a happy ending too! We need to work hard for our families and persevere to secure our future and the future of our children and grandchildren. Pay it forward. Our future is here and now!


The Voice of Joyce: Act now to save ACA Tell Congress to continue Insurance Subsidies. Keep premiums Down! Read on! 

Dear Followers, this newsletter was just released by the Kaiser Family Foundation, the best resource on American Healthcare. Write or call your Congressman today. If you don’t want healthcare premiums to increase, Congress must subsidize the Insurance Companies.  This is necessary to maintain the least expensive premium at this time.  ACT NOW & ADVOCATE FOR YOUR SELF INTEREST!

Federal Government Could See Net Increase of $2.3 Billion in Costs in 2018 if ACA Cost-Sharing Reduction Payments Eliminated
On Average, Premiums for Silver Plans Would Need to Rise 19% to Offset Lack of Funding for Cost-Sharing Reductions, Triggering Tax Credit Increases
Ceasing payments for the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) cost-sharing reduction program could save $10 billion, but cost an additional $12.3 billion in premium tax credits – an estimated net increase of $2.3 billion, or 23 percent, in federal spending on marketplace subsidies – in 2018, if insurers continue to participate in ACA marketplaces, according to a new analysis from the Kaiser Family Foundation.

The cost-sharing subsidies, established to reduce out-of-pocket costs for ACA marketplace enrollees with lower incomes, are being challenged in a lawsuit from the U.S. House. With the lawsuit temporarily suspended, the Trump Administration and Congress are in a position to determine whether to continue the payments, which go to insurers to reimburse their costs for providing the cost-sharing reductions.
The Foundation’s new analysis examines potential financial implications if the government stops cost-sharing reduction payments to insurers.
Read the Issue Brief

Without the payments, the analysis finds, the average ACA marketplace premium for silver plans would need to rise by 19 percent in 2018 for insurers to offset the lack of funding. Estimated premium changes vary for the 38 states that used in 2016, ranging from 9 percent in North Dakota to 27 percent in Mississippi.
Changes to silver plan premiums in ACA marketplaces would affect how much the government owes to eligible enrollees in tax credits. Meant to reduce monthly insurance costs for people with lower incomes (from 100% to 400% of the poverty level), ACA premium tax credits are tied to the premium for the second-lowest cost silver plan in each geographic area.
According to the analysis, the government would owe an estimated additional $12.3 billion in tax credits in 2018, if cost-sharing reduction payments end and if insurers choose to continue offering plans in ACA marketplaces. The government would save $10 billion from stopping the payments, resulting in a net increase in federal costs of $2.3 billion. Extrapolating to the 10-year budget window (2018-2027) using the Congressional Budget Office’s projections for cost-sharing reduction payments, the net increase in federal costs would be $31 billion.
Filling the need for trusted information on national health issues, the Kaiser Family Foundation is a nonprofit organization based in Menlo Park, California.
Amy Jeter | (650) 854-9400 |

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Joyce: America Speaks Periscope @11am Vote Centrist France, Save your Country and ours!




Out of something negative,  Comes something positive 👍✔

Hindsight is 20:20. France has the opportunity to learn from the mistakes of Great Britain and America.  24 hrs after their runoff for the Presidency, France has learned!!!   The major parties are joining together in support of Macron, the Centrist Candidate  Let’s pray that they campaign hard for Macron, form the coalition needed to defeat LePen and move forward to help the French worker and France.

In Great Britain Cameron proposed Brexit, never believing the People would vote to leave the EU. THE BRIT’s , especially the older shop keepers were tired of being squeezed for revenue and were led to believe that an early exit from the EU would free up money for their National Health Care system at least. This myth has been dispelled, the government fell and the cost of unraveling Britain’s ties to the EU  will take at least 2 years.  Meanwhile, the bill to the EU must be paid.   This task, and many others, falls to the newly elected Theresa May.  She has taken the courageous path toward unifying the Country and her Party’s power base as they plan to exit the EU. What happens next, depends upon the youth vote and their involvement.


In America, we are stuck with Trump and his extremist pro business policies and  anti people policies. Our people still need affordable healthcare, good public education, reliable internet and infrastructure jobs. None of these basic needs of life are being addressed by our President or the Congress.

If any  Congressmen and women are working on the People’s behalf , we the People are not informed. I am at the point of begging Congress to tell us how we can help them pass laws that benefit the American people.  Communicate with US, all Americans.   We need help now. Not in August. Too many are succumbing to opiate addiction and suicide. Too many folks are being sacrificed on Trumps alter of ideology. This is not what the majority voted.


Thankfully, Resistance is emerging and the American people are starting to advocate for their own self interest.  As a people, we must keep pressuring our Congressmen and women to do “right” by “we the People”.  Resist, March and Advocate.  Postcards are available to continue our protest where it counts.  Send a note to your Congress person, these cards make it easy to voice your concerns and choices for change.

That’s why I warn both GB and France. Learn from our mistakes. Move center and preserve your cherished Freedoms and Democracy.  The American Public is also awakening!  This gives me “hope” for a better future for all of us.


“let’s chat at 11am.

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am #Resist, March & Disrupt. Congress has to work more and pass “our Legislation “!

We don’t want a government run Amok! I’m old school. We speak up for what we know is right.

I love my Country. I love people. I don’t like to be angry or carry vengeance in my heart.  I’m not prepared to dig two graves, one for me or the other  for the one  I hate , so , after soul searching,  I propose the following action plan for the resurrection of  a Bipartisan Congress and ultimately for the American People , especially our dwindling  “MiddleClass” .

We hate Congress working 1/2 a yr. or less ,  “we the people ” could change this dynamic by urging our Congressional representatives to return to work early to perform the people’s work. We want Quality Affordable Healthcare, education for all and a $Trillion Infrastructure program that brings us into the 22 nd Century. Plus clean air and water and a fiscally sound Monetary Policy. How do we ensure their codification into Law? Congress would need to work more hours on the People’s behalf.

if Congress worked more hours on passing good legislation to improve the lives of ” we the People”, they’d be productive on our behalf and earn our respect , especially, if they worked together as a non partisan body.  



  • I suggest that several Congressmen & women and Senators go back to work and request that others join them. The Separate houses require a majority to work and Publish Legislation for we the people. See the Constitution Section #5. 

Most importantly they should show a willingness to work on behalf of we the people to create an infrastructure program. Not necessarily shovel ready. Solid programs that would unite our country through transportation and IT communication.

Too many rural areas have no means of transportation to their jobs. We need light rail. We need internet connections. Make life easier not harder for our citizens.
Our Country is not founded on cronyism and money for the few. We thrive when our economy resembles a bell curve. There is no trickle down wealth.

Personally I’d rather rely less on the largesse of the wealthy self interested philanthropists and more on the people’s sweat equity to make America greater. We have been bent but we are not beaten. We merely have to act in consort for the Common Good.

Why is the Military successful? Because everyone has everyone else’s back. We the People are successful when we are united. It’s not about Party or political and intellectual silos,  we work best when we work together. We don’t have to play a confrontational game. We need solutions to our state of inequality and many in Congress have written those solutions. Let’s hear them. Let’s vote with our powers at the ballot box and with our phones and computers. This is the first day we work together to take back our Country from special interest groups. It won’t be our last.
A new adventure awaits us! Together!!!!


See you at 11am and let’s talk!

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce America Speaks: Periscope @11am Do we want a Government run amok?



Why has our life become confrontational?  Conflict can lead to Solutions, so do “good” policy decisions.    A thoughtful way, that requires no conflict,  merely a clearly stated set of goals.

Do we want war or Peace? If we want Peace , why not acknowledge our adversaries and determine where we can achieve Common Ground. War should be a last resort. Targeted missions make the most sense along with Nation Building.

Same for Affordable Healthcare Care. We want affordable healthcare. Ideally National Healthcare, if not,  we have to work with Insurance Companies , drug companies, the physicians and hospitals to achieve the best quality of care at the lowest cost. That doesn’t mean the least care at the lowest cost any Moron can achieve that!  “We the people” require a large marketplace , to pay costs forward and more competitive choices to lower costs. The most cost effective healthcare would be expanded Medicare to those 55 yrs and up with phase ins of the rest of the population within 10 yrs.

Why have conflicts over deficit reduction?  An artificial cap serves no purpose. Instead we should be generating revenue and thinking about debt reduction policy.   Debt is a function of revenue. Create revenue and reduce deficits by a finite amount every 2 yrs. to an agreed upon minimum. In times of crisis,  expect deficits to increase temporarily.

I too have fallen into the conflict trap. I’m mad as hell that Obama was denied his Supreme Court choice. Yet, he didn’t act by whim, he waited for Congress. The same should be true for Trump. The ethics office should know about his Conflicts of interest and his waivers. Visitor logs should be transparent. No Lobbyists should be in government period. We are a Nation of laws. Let’s remember to exercise our rights.

Enough is enough. This is a government run amok. Let’s you and me be disruptive in a good way.  See you at 11am and we’ll discus.


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”