The Voice of Joyce: Trump Agenda ? It’s all about 💰for Big Business. Advocate for yourself & your neighbors! 

It’s all about the money. The entire Trump administration favors big business and big business concerns. Deregulation is for them. They are in charge of an Agenda that is ” one big give back to the wealthy”.   Look at the executive orders. Who benefits? The wealthy.



Selective EPA regulations, no problem. Continued pesticide use, no problem. All that matters is generating less obstacles to bigger profits for a few. 


Trumpcare would have done the same. The goal was more money in the hands of the wealthy and nothing for “we the People” . Which reminds me, that advocating for expanded Medicaid has a short time horizon. Up until the end of this year funds must be transferred if expanded Medicaid is requested. After this year , no more funds will be allocated.


Advocate for Expanded Medicaid in your State.   6 million more neighbors could have health insurance , if you do. Alabama would like expanded Medicaid coverage, I know. Be vocal and demand healthcare now in your State. The funds are available for “we the People”. Demand them and use them. Being healthy is one step closer to restoring your dignity.

Do it for yourself and those you love. Do it now!
See you at 11 am on Monday and let’s chat. I’ll tell you why I’m passionate about restoring the Middle Class.
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