Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am Populism, authoritarian state, Trump, LePen OhNo!

Too many want to keep Trump in power given the Pence alternative. They forget, Pence is running government.
The house GOP establishment is entwined with the Trump Administration, making a separation of Powers and check and balances impossible. Jeff  Sessions, the AG,  lent Trump Steve Miller his senior aide to Trump.   Nunes, head of the defunct Russian Investigation, has been compromised.  They have been  empowered by their acceptance of  Super PAC money and are  voting  for Draconian measures, that hurt “we the People”.  When the  GOP votes pro Trump, it’s all about the MONEY!  Same for the DEMS!

If you believe in conspiracies, Let’s look at 1 example,  the Russians got to North Carolina 2 hours before Trump ‘s rally.   Did they dole out money for crowd attendance prior to Trump speaking?   Trump spoke, would they vote for him out of gratitude?  protect him?  who knows?

In the Senate, Mitch McConnel  with  a net worth of $58 million and his wife, named Sec of Transportation , in the Trump Administration, do you think he’s independent enough to vote against Judge Gorsuch?   Honestly  folks,  Congress is not voting for us or our continued Democracy, they vote to preserve their self interest.  Ours no longer maters.  We’ve voted against our own self interest.  Hopefully, this will be the last time!  The new Agenda, is all about money.    Money  for the wealthy at the expense of we the people.


This is a well oiled machine to destroy our Democracy. Venezuela just brought back their Democracy by separating Judges from the State.   France may lose their Democracy through voter apathy.

The USA is a cautionary tale. Too many want a Trump or a Marie LePen to win.   They’ve drunk the cool aide and misdirected their anger from Big Business and the Collusion between Big Business and Congres/Parliment , toward “outsiders” taking their jobs.  They don’t understand, they will suffer under an Autocratic society.  The people will suffer as the wealth of a few becomes astronomical! That’s the real reason behind “populism “. The destruction of the Democratic State.  The transfer of the State’s remaining wealth to a few!  Don’t be apathethetic, only voting can get rid of these “self proclaimed” populists.  They’re numbers have bee identified in France.  Hold your nose and chosse to retain your Democracy!

See you at 11 am and we’ll chat.
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