The Voice of Joyce: “old White guys” 

Those old white guys who oppose Women’s rights, also hate women.


  • Take O’Reilly as an example, he just paid out $13 Million in fines for sexual harassment of women. None of the crimes will become public due to the size of the Settlement.   His alleged crimes were verbal abuse, lewd comments, unwanted advances and more. The women feared him and were afraid that he would stifle their professional careers. He did!


  • Another Fox Personality, Roger Ailes , was fired last year for sexual harassment.

Most likely, these acts of harassment , that are tolerated in our Country, would be the basis for deportations in our Immigrant Community. Sad, very sad!

Worse these media moguls were and are in a position of power where their view points can be heard and spread. They should be made to apologize to all women for their lack of respect. That won’t happen , instead they have the power to continue to poison the debate on women’s issues. 

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