The Voice of Joyce Periscope @11am Russian Connections, Conflicts, Supreme Court 

Don’t believe in coincidences! Years of reading mysteries and espionage have taught everyone , there are no coincidences. In life.

The tangled web that Trump wove, appears to be unraveling as we speak. It’s a large net that includes some of his staff, his family, the cabinet appointees and most likely, the Vice President. All complicit, all compromised by their Russian Connections and Conflicts of Interest.

One has to ask? Why was Betsy DeVos’ brother, the hated, “Black Prince “, of Blackwater infamy,  meeting with potential Russian spies , 3 days prior to Trump’s inauguration ?
This net is so vast it boggles the mind. Are Nunes, Sessions, McConnell equally culpable? Certainly, their cheerleading for Trump goes above and beyond normal Congressional support.

My next question has to be, if they’re involved in Trump’s cloak and dagger shenanigans, who else in the GOP is involved?   And if they’re not involved, for the sake of our Country don’t muddy the waters by voting for Judge Gorsuch. “Let him die ” in Committee with a no vote and choose a Centrist that will unite our Country. Do the Country a favor and stop this Partisanship in favor of uniting 360 million of us. Many of us are still suffering from the Great Recession.

For all our sakes, stop making matters worse. We have a student loan bubble, a credit card bubble and a debt bubble in this Country. All compounded by the Russian Connections side show at best and  Russian recruitment at it’s worse , of those in the Trump Pence administration  . We don’t need anymore diversions. Someone in government please start acting like Representatives of ” we the People”. Do what’s right and decent to move our Country forward.

Start by voting No on Gorsuch. Let’s limit the damage done by the Trump Pence administration. Thank you. I think I speak for the majority.

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