The Voice of Joyce Periscope @11am Trump & the GOP complicit in destroying Democracy

Too many want to keep Trump in power given the Pence alternative. They forget, Pence is running government.  Let’s look at the Trump Pence enablers in Congress.  What do they have to gain?

The house GOP establishment appears rotten to it’s core. Sessions lent Trump Steve Miller, Nunes is compromised and most in the GOP are empowered with Super PAC money to vote for Draconian measures. That’s why the GOP votes pro Trump.

If you believe in conspiracies, the Russians got to town, (North Carolina) 2 hours before Trump. Perhaps the Russian oligarch doled out money for crowd attendance , then Trump spoke. The assembled crowd would vote for Trump out of gratitude. It’s happened before. It’s good to have friends with benefits.

Then you’ve got Mitch McConnel with a combined  a net worth of $53 or was it $58Million with   his wife. Do you think McConnel , with his wife , Elaine Chow, who is now Sec of Transportation would vote against Gorsuch or anyone else Trump proposed? Honestly, not one of these men cares about our Democracy or our American way of life ? No way do these men care about us. These men are all consumed with their own self preservation;  keeping their money and life style as long as we the people vote them to represent us!  Where’s our sence of self preservation?

Trumps Administration is a well oiled machine to destroy our Democracy. Fortunately, Venezuela just brought back their Democracy by separating Judges from the State. France may destroy their Democracy,  if the People remain apathetic. The USA is a cautionary tale. Too many want a Trump or a Marie LePen to win. The people don’t realize how much they will suffer while the wealth of a few becomes astronomical! That’s the real reason behind “populism “. The destruction of the Democratic State.
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