Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am #Resist, March & Disrupt. Congress has to work more and pass “our Legislation “!

We don’t want a government run Amok! I’m old school. We speak up for what we know is right.

I love my Country. I love people. I don’t like to be angry or carry vengeance in my heart.  I’m not prepared to dig two graves, one for me or the other  for the one  I hate , so , after soul searching,  I propose the following action plan for the resurrection of  a Bipartisan Congress and ultimately for the American People , especially our dwindling  “MiddleClass” .

We hate Congress working 1/2 a yr. or less ,  “we the people ” could change this dynamic by urging our Congressional representatives to return to work early to perform the people’s work. We want Quality Affordable Healthcare, education for all and a $Trillion Infrastructure program that brings us into the 22 nd Century. Plus clean air and water and a fiscally sound Monetary Policy. How do we ensure their codification into Law? Congress would need to work more hours on the People’s behalf.

if Congress worked more hours on passing good legislation to improve the lives of ” we the People”, they’d be productive on our behalf and earn our respect , especially, if they worked together as a non partisan body.  



  • I suggest that several Congressmen & women and Senators go back to work and request that others join them. The Separate houses require a majority to work and Publish Legislation for we the people. See the Constitution Section #5. 

Most importantly they should show a willingness to work on behalf of we the people to create an infrastructure program. Not necessarily shovel ready. Solid programs that would unite our country through transportation and IT communication.

Too many rural areas have no means of transportation to their jobs. We need light rail. We need internet connections. Make life easier not harder for our citizens.
Our Country is not founded on cronyism and money for the few. We thrive when our economy resembles a bell curve. There is no trickle down wealth.

Personally I’d rather rely less on the largesse of the wealthy self interested philanthropists and more on the people’s sweat equity to make America greater. We have been bent but we are not beaten. We merely have to act in consort for the Common Good.

Why is the Military successful? Because everyone has everyone else’s back. We the People are successful when we are united. It’s not about Party or political and intellectual silos,  we work best when we work together. We don’t have to play a confrontational game. We need solutions to our state of inequality and many in Congress have written those solutions. Let’s hear them. Let’s vote with our powers at the ballot box and with our phones and computers. This is the first day we work together to take back our Country from special interest groups. It won’t be our last.
A new adventure awaits us! Together!!!!


See you at 11am and let’s talk!

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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