Joyce: America Speaks Periscope @11am Vote Centrist France, Save your Country and ours!




Out of something negative,  Comes something positive 👍✔

Hindsight is 20:20. France has the opportunity to learn from the mistakes of Great Britain and America.  24 hrs after their runoff for the Presidency, France has learned!!!   The major parties are joining together in support of Macron, the Centrist Candidate  Let’s pray that they campaign hard for Macron, form the coalition needed to defeat LePen and move forward to help the French worker and France.

In Great Britain Cameron proposed Brexit, never believing the People would vote to leave the EU. THE BRIT’s , especially the older shop keepers were tired of being squeezed for revenue and were led to believe that an early exit from the EU would free up money for their National Health Care system at least. This myth has been dispelled, the government fell and the cost of unraveling Britain’s ties to the EU  will take at least 2 years.  Meanwhile, the bill to the EU must be paid.   This task, and many others, falls to the newly elected Theresa May.  She has taken the courageous path toward unifying the Country and her Party’s power base as they plan to exit the EU. What happens next, depends upon the youth vote and their involvement.


In America, we are stuck with Trump and his extremist pro business policies and  anti people policies. Our people still need affordable healthcare, good public education, reliable internet and infrastructure jobs. None of these basic needs of life are being addressed by our President or the Congress.

If any  Congressmen and women are working on the People’s behalf , we the People are not informed. I am at the point of begging Congress to tell us how we can help them pass laws that benefit the American people.  Communicate with US, all Americans.   We need help now. Not in August. Too many are succumbing to opiate addiction and suicide. Too many folks are being sacrificed on Trumps alter of ideology. This is not what the majority voted.


Thankfully, Resistance is emerging and the American people are starting to advocate for their own self interest.  As a people, we must keep pressuring our Congressmen and women to do “right” by “we the People”.  Resist, March and Advocate.  Postcards are available to continue our protest where it counts.  Send a note to your Congress person, these cards make it easy to voice your concerns and choices for change.

That’s why I warn both GB and France. Learn from our mistakes. Move center and preserve your cherished Freedoms and Democracy.  The American Public is also awakening!  This gives me “hope” for a better future for all of us.


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