The Voice of Joyce: Resist, March and demand “Good Legislation “!


Resistance is good. Marching and protesting are time honored traditions to register ” the People’s ” displeasure. Extremism in defense of Liberty is no crime.

Our next thought should be ? When do we know we’ve achieved our goals? In America we achieve our goals through well crafted Legislation. We are a Nation of Laws. Pressure on our elected representatives cannot cease , till we’ve achieved ” good” Legislation.  


  • We want equal pay for equal work? Then we need legislation like England, where they mandate that all Corporations with 250 employees and more must publish the pay of all employees at the same level. Transparency is a great leveler!
  • If we want Congress to work on the People’s behalf,  pressure your representatives to work full weeks and take vacations that make sense. Two months? Not 1/2 – 2/3 rds of a year. It takes a majority of Congress to force other members to remain in session according to our Constitution Section 5.   Pressure the ” good guys” and they’ll pressure everyone else.


  • We support the facts and science. We’ll know Congress is listening when the EPA continues publishing their data and when their research is published as well. Also, we the People need to see an improved Satellite program, to monitor our weather and to provide early warning. We need high speed internet Nationwide. We need control and security of our data personally and commercially. The list is endless and I’m quite sure the Legislation has been written and stashed away for future use. The future is now!


  • We  also support fiscal stability and  want to get back to boring Banks that encourage entrepreneurs by lending.

So much to do and we’re wasting time by doing nothing. I saw a wonderful play last week at the Irish Rep, “Rebel with a soul”.   A true story about Dr Browne , a Consumptive poor young man who had an inner fierceness that compelled others to follow him and help him complete his mission. By persevering he created National Healthcare in Ireland. He lived everyday as if it was his last and was not content till he was able to eradicate TB, build sanatoriums and hospitals for all and provide for women’s health through a National Healthcare System. This was not your typical Irish Play, spoiler alert, there was a happy ending.

American’s can have a happy ending too! We need to work hard for our families and persevere to secure our future and the future of our children and grandchildren. Pay it forward. Our future is here and now!


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