Joyce:America Speaks Periscope @11am Say No to Trump Tax Plan Push back for Infrastructure 

Bad policy continues to plague Americans. The ” new” Trump tax plan was scribbled on a napkin by him in 1974.


We’re in the 21 st Century and his plan is not appropriate for our time. The small business person requires a thriving community to survive. Large businesses do not need more tax cuts to produce American jobs , they’ve already stated they’re not interested in investing their cash hoard.

Third, let’s not forget , this tax proposal will balloon the Federal Deficit and decrease revenue to the Federal Government.

The elephant in the room has not been mentioned. Infrastructure! Our economy and the World’s Economy is in deflation. We need revenue to create the massive infrastructure promised. We need revenue to provide counseling to our kids to prevent an epidemic of suicides among our young. We need revenue.

It will take more than a U.S. presidential election, a few months 
of solid global growth and a recovery in oil prices to fix it.

Advocate for Infrastructure. Do not back down and wait and See Trump will! Push back for good cause, makes him reflect. Tell your Congressman you don’t see Infrastructure funding on the Budget Proposal !

We can stagnate or we can advocate for a Great America and prosperous Americans in the Middle Class. We don’t have to reward Big Business with more tax cuts, they’ve made their money. It’s our turn to make money, now!
See you at 11 am.

” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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